Uncategorized · October 21, 2021

best humidifiers of 2021

Best Humidifiers (2021) To Keep Your Skin Supple Over Winter

Winter is coming.

And for the first time, I’m getting a humidifier. For myself. It’s supposed to help you sleep better, or at least decongest. But one thing many of us don’t realize is the impact of dry air on our skin and how to combat that. ESP if you don’t watch K-Dramas (hello skincare goddesses) in which they’re ubiquitous, supposedly.

Hey hey, better than late than never. But there’s just one thing:

SO. MANY. OPTIONS. Where do you even begin?

There’s the “evaporative” ones, “ultrasonic” ones and hot, steaming mist ones — the latter of which are apparently the least potential risk of burns with accidental spills. But then even with the “cold” ones — some are louder; some harder to clean; some don’t hold as much water; some leak; some are meant for large spaces; some may only work for your baby’s nursery, some come with lights; some you can use for essential oils too; etc, etc and they range from $50 to even $550+ (Dyson).

sooooo..I took the liberty of ordering a bunch to compare how they fare. Let’s look at a bunch of ’em side by side: